Why E-Welding & Fabrication?

Welding and fabrication has a long and exciting history but is still a dynamic and evolving industry which impacts upon many aspects of daily life. From recreational through medical to transportation, it is the fabric of both traditional and emerging industries.

The consortium has created a series of welding and fabrication based e-learning programmes and text workbooks to provide a structured blended learning approach that will enhance the learning experience and stimulate a deeper understanding of the welding and fabrication trades and give an awareness of health & safety and sustainability issues. The content within these learning materials has been aligned to units of the National Occupational Standards and can be used as a support tool whilst studying for any relevant vocational qualifications.

These unique learning materials aim to bridge the gap between classroom based and practical based learning. The workbooks provide classroom based activities that can involve learners in discussions and research tasks as well as providing them with understanding and knowledge of the subject. The e-learning programmes take the subject further, with high quality images, animations and audio enhancing the content and showing information in a different light. In addition, the e-practical section of the e-learning places the learner in a virtual environment where they can move around freely, interact with objects and use the knowledge and skills they have gained from the workbook and e-learning to complete a set of tasks whilst in the comfort of a safe environment.

The workbooks and e-learning programmes are designed to help learners continuously improve their skills and provide a confidence and sound knowledge base before working in the real world.

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