Benefits of E-Learning

  • Technology
  • Advancements in computer technology now allow a wide range of spectacular and engaging e-learning to be delivered to a wider population.

  • Captivate and Motivate
  • Hold the learners attention for longer with the use of high quality graphics, animation, sound and interactivity. Increased confidence motivates learners to continue and achieve more.

  • Safe Environment
  • E-Practical scenarios can create environments which simulate potentially dangerous real-life situations or replicate expensive and difficult to use equipment. Learners are able to train, gain experience and retain knowledge in a completely safe environment.

  • Instant Feedback
  • Learners can undertake training assessments which feedback results instantly. This can provide information on where they need to re-study or congratulate them on passing the assessment. Results and certificates could also be printed for future records.

  • On-Demand and Flexible
  • E-Learning can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Learners and tutors can access the content at any time and view it at your own pace.

  • Portable and Sustainable
  • Programs can be delivered via a CD, web site or LMS. Learners no longer need to travel to all lectures, conferences, meetings or training days. This can save many hours, reduces travelling, carbon usage and cost of hotels and other sundry expenses.

  • Reduction of Material Costs
  • Can be used to teach best practice processes on jobs which use large quantities of or expensive materials. Learners can practice their techniques and boost their confidence to a high enough standard before being allowed near real materials.

Benefits for the Employer

Employees will have:

  • Raised awareness and knowledge of their trade
  • A clear understanding of current legislations
  • Improved knowledge of safety requirements
  • Greater confidence to carry out practical work
  • Be able to establish achievable personal targets with focus on outcomes

Employers will:

  • See reduction in training costs
  • Have greater confidence in staff capabilities
  • See fiscal benefits in training time reduction
  • See savings on consumables and workshop use

Benefits for the Learner and Training Provider
  • Enhance the way learning and training is delivered
  • Advance tutors/learners ability to absorb the subject matter
  • Increase learners' knowledge and understanding
  • Uplift learners' exam pass rates
  • Due to the engaging nature of the programs, student drop-out rates are reduced
  • Provide the option for learners to study and practice in their own time at their own pace
  • Users learn in a safe environment
  • Improve engagement with employers

Who is it for?

  • Training Centres
  • FE Colleges
  • Certification Bodies
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Commercial Companies
  • Manufacturers
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